Our Clinic

2013 Clinic Renovation & Addition 

We completed an extensive renovation and addition of our clinic in April of 2013.

The 1,900-square-foot addition and renovation of the existing clinic includes:

• New boarding facility — improved pet comfort and greater capacity, including a dedicated feline boarding suite
• Additional exam rooms to accommodate more clients and their pets, decrease wait times, and increase the number of available appointments
• Expanded ICU and hospitalization facilities
• Expanded and improved treatment areas
• Expanded anesthetic and surgery facilities 
• Improved feline-friendly services
• New radiology facility 
• Expanded pet exercise yard 
• Updated decor (goodbye 1977 plaid wallpaper) and expanded reception area, making the check-in and check-out processes more efficient
• Improved isolation facilities

We are very proud of our facilities, and we love to show them off! Call ahead for a tour on any weekday.


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