Preventive Medicine

Preventive Veterinary Medicine in Houston, TX

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," is not just a saying, but a philosophy we at Lakeside Animal Clinic believe in wholeheartedly. We believe that taking the proper measures to prevent disease will add years and quality to the lives of our patients...your pets.

Some areas of preventive medicine that we stress include:

Vaccination. The simple process of getting your dog or cat his/her shots on time is the single most important thing that pet owners can do to prevent serious and life-threatening diseases such as canine parvo virus, canine distemper, leptospirosis, and feline leukemia. We use the most modern vaccine protocol to maximize protection of your pets, while minimizing risk.

Heartworm Prevention. About nine out of every ten dogs, and one out of every ten cats in the Houston area will contract heartworms if they are not on a monthly preventive medication. Heartworm disease is the single most preventable condition that we see in practice today. For more information on heartworm disease, go here.

Parasites. Monthly heartworm preventive medications also prevent infestation with intestinal parasites. These medications, in addition to strategic deworming, help prevent these very common "worms" from infecting your dog or cat. Some of these products also help prevent flea infestation as well. Monthly topical and oral flea control products are also available.

Yearly Senior Wellness Screening. Older pets are more prone to kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, thyroid disease, certain types of cancer, and metabolic problems. The problem is that, in the very early stages of these diseases, there are often no outward symptoms. Therefore, as your pet reaches age seven, we recommend semi-annual examinations and yearly laboratory testing, not only to screen for early stages of these serious diseases, but also to provide a baseline with which to compare future results. Studies show that annual blood testing can, on average, double the years you have remaining with your pet. Click here for more information. 

Dentistry. Pets need dental care, too! In fact, dental disease is the most common ailment that we see in dogs and cats. A combination of home care and periodic professional cleanings can keep your pet healthier and happier, as well as prolong its life. Click here for more information.
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